Critical Combative Concepts

Preparation To Prevail Over The Gravest of Circumstances

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Critical Combative Concepts is restricted to active & retired sworn law enforcement personnel only. Presented by the A.P.P.L.E. P.I.T.T. LLC; the CCC Seminar is core based upon PoliceOne.Com & LawOfficer.Com Columnist Sgt. Charles E. Humes, Jr.s’ (Ret) cutting-edge presentations at the 2008 through 2016 International Training Conferences, of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) in Chicago suburbs.

Critical Combative Concepts' subject matter is not focused exclusively on combatives. It covers a wide spectrum of critical topics, and incorporates preeminent tactical training material developed by some of the world's premier instructor/trainers. The seminar's goal is to develop skills that can help overcome many of the deadly hazards officers commonly encounter; while keeping them safer: physically, mentally, and legally. Critical Combative Concepts is a high-powered, fast-paced, classroom style seminar supported by dynamic visuals, unforgettable videos, and startling live demonstrations. The seminar features over six-hundred slides, and over sixty video clips for maximum visual impact. You do not need to bring any special equipment; just an open-mind, and an attitude of courtesy and respect for everyone.

All seminar attendees will receive a certificate of attendance, suitable for framing and affixed with the instructor’s signature.
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